Culture & Values

At Grange Dental Practice the heart of our success lies in our mission statement of ‘providing a high standard of care in a relaxed and understanding environment.’ Our relationship with our patients is paramount, as is our commitment to our staff.

Our Culture and Values underpin everything we do, and are a key foundation of our future success as a Practice. You can expect all staff members and contractors working within the Practice to role model these values at all times.

Our Culture

We describe our Practice as being down to earth, friendly and welcoming. Similarly, our people share a real passion for what they do and what we stand for. They are enthusiastic, positive, are individual, resilient and determined to succeed. At the same time, they’re also not afraid to ask for help, are hungry to learn new things, show humility but are driven to get it right.

Taking ownership is something we do at Grange Dental Practice- it’s a way of life. As a front line provider of primary health care, we need all individuals to be focused and responsible at all times.

We believe in offering every member of the team the opportunity to develop and get ahead. As a progressive, fast-paced Practice the work ethos is high energy and high commitment (work hard and play hard!)

We value diversity, encouraging different views, backgrounds and origin.

Our Values

Excellent Patient Care

Our Patients are at the heart of everything we do, and we strive to give you excellent care at all times. Regardless of job role, everyone within the Practice can play a fundamental part in ensuring you receive the highest level of service and care. From your welcome at reception, through your waiting room treatment, to the care and treatment given to you by your clinician, and through to your appointment bookings and farewells, we aim to give you the best possible experience.

Treating Everyone with Respect

We will at all times treat our patients, colleagues and visitors with respect. We recognize the contribution of each individual to the overall success of the Practice.

Taking Responsibility to Deliver Results

Each individual will take responsibility to deliver results within their area of responsibility. We set clear Practice objectives, and ensure that everyone is clear about what role they have to play in achieving these. We will hold ourselves and each other to account.

Working Together

We will work together to achieve our collective goals.  We will offer support and guidance to each other where needed. We will work together with you as patients to continuously improve our customer service and Practice environment.

Open and Approachable

We will take time to listen to the views of each individual, from patients, staff and contractors. We will consult widely on issues that will affect patients or the Practice team. We support open and honest communication.

Loving Differences

We will recognize individual differences, and how these contribute to the overall success of the Practice. We have a wide range of policies in place which allow us to offer bespoke support for individual patient needs (such as translation services, or mobility aids).  If there is anything that we can do to respond to your individual needs within the Practice, please do let any member of the team know.

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