• Quick Straight Teeth at Grange Dental Practice
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Q Fixed Braces

The clear alternative to train track braces.

QST fixed braces rely on the 3M Gemini ceramic bracket for all cases. These brackets are clinically proven with an excellent track record whilst being nearly invisible when placed onto the teeth, these are allied to bespoke tooth coloured wires made from supremely flexible nickel titanium memory wire.

The braces are focused on moving on the front 6 to 8 teeth depending on case complexity, like all short term systems we are not trying to fix major orthodontic issues, the treatment is much like removable aligners however the tooth movement is more predictable and more than twice as quick, due to the focused nature of the braces the forces necessary to move the teeth are very gentle.

Brackets are positioned onto the centre of each tooth and the QST wire is feed through these brackets, as the wire attempts to straighten it applies gentle predictable forces to the teeth allowing for quick and gentle alignment with none of the discomfort associated with traditional braces. Standard orthodontic mechanics are at work but on a vastly reduced scale which allows for the speed and ease of movement.