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Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth Whitening

Here at the Grange Dental Practice we offer a range of solutions for patients who would like whiter teeth. Tooth whitening is a process that involves the application of either carbamide peroxide to the surface of the teeth. As the active ingredient breaks down it releases oxygen onto the outer layer of the tooth and this gently whitens it.

We use three different systems to enable our patients to choose a whitening system that suits their lifestyle, aspirations and budget.

Whitewash Strips

These are mouldable plastic strips that are impregnated with whitening gel which are worn  for sixty minutes each day. A patient kit contains enough strips to bleach both upper and lower teeth for 14 days.

The strip contains enough gel to lighten the teeth without causing undue sensitivity; these strips start to show results after a very short time and are perfect for those who wish to do quick whitening before a big occasion or those on a budget.

Home Bleaching

This system utilizes custom made flexible plastic trays that are lined with whitening gel and then worn for a defined period every day for 14 days. Most people choose to bleach overnight, whereas some prefer only to wear the trays for three hours. Our experience suggests that as long as the trays are worn for a minimum of three hours, bleaching will be effective.

This mid range treatment provides good results and can be periodically topped up as long as the trays still fit accurately.

Enlighten Home & Office Whitening

Dr Woodhouse is an accredited provider of the Enlighten Whitening system. This process is the only bleaching method that guarantees results.  It is subtly different to other methods of whitening teeth and it is these little improvements that ensure the results patients' desire.

Initially Patients are provided with a course of highly specialized toothpaste that strengthens and desensitizes the tooth whilst custom trays are manufactured to enable home bleaching. These trays differ from regular trays as they are manufactured under triple the pressure of regular trays giving a much tighter fit. This ensures that more of the active ingredient stays in contact with the tooth surface and also prevents saliva leaking into the tray and neutralizing the bleach.

After 14 nights of tray bleaching the patient is seen on day 15 and 'in surgery' bleaching is performed. This process takes an hour and uses two applications of more concentrated peroxide solution in 20 minutes sections whist you relax and enjoy some entertainment on an ipad.

Enlighten bleaching is then supported with a routine schedule of top up doses which maintain the whiteness of your teeth for life. These routine top ups are as infrequent as one application every six months.