Hygiene Services

Do you want to improve the look of your smile in as little as 20 minutes?

Many of us ingest foods and substances that produce stains on the surface of our teeth, from the innocent tea or coffee stains through to red wine and nicotine. These stains can leave people feeling embarrassed by their smile and reluctant to display their teeth.

grange-dental-practice-direct-hygienistThe NHS provides a service for the clinically necessary removal of calculus scale deposits, it does not however provide for the cosmetic removal of these lifestyle stains.

As a practice we want everyone to be happy with their smile and due to recent changes in legislation we are now able to offer independent Hygiene appointments without the need to see a dentist.

Historically a patient would have to see a dentist for assessment and prescribed a list of treatments that the hygients would then carry out. As a result of this regulation change you can now see the hygienist at Grange Dental Practice without having seen one of our dentists first.

This means if you have a special occasion coming up or if you just want to quickly spruce up your smile you can easily book an appointment to see Roy and he will be able to help.

Patients need to made aware that:

  1. Our hygienists can only undertake treatments which is within thier scope of practice and must adhere to the guidelines set out by the GDC covering these treatments.
  2. At Grange Dental Practice our hygienist can remove staining, tartar, bacterial deposits and other debris as well as offer advice on oral hygiene and the progression of gum disease but more advanced conditions will have to be assessed by a dentist. After which the treatment can contiune by the hygieist following the prescription of the dentist.
  3. Patients whom require treatments outside the remit of the hygienist will be advised to see a dentist for further assessment. The hygienist will advise the patient accordingly.
  4. Hygienists cannot prescribe antibiotics, pain killer or any other form of drugs to alleviate any symtoms the patient might be suffering from. Nor can they diagnose or offer prognosis of such diseases as broken teeth or decay.
  5. Follow up appointments may be needed for the hygienist to complete any treatments depending upon the personal circumstances of the patient and how they present at the time of the appointment. Patients will be made fully aware of any additional appointments and costs involved in advance of any treatment.
  6. Visits to our hygienist do not replace the need to see a dentist for a full dental examination.
  7. In extreme circumstances and on rare occasions our hygienist may recommend you see a dentist before they carry out any treatments, this could be due to a patients medical history or condition of the mouth and teeth. In these cases further costs will be applied, but patients will be made fully aware in advance of this happening.

Roy our hygienist can offer the following treatments:

  • Routine scale and polish
  • Periodontal charting
  • Topical anaesthetic placement
  • Deep scaling under local anaesthetic, Infiltration and inferior nerve block
  • Placements of topical fluoride gel
  • Taking of dental impressions although for whitening teeth this will have to be under the direction of a dentist.


A routine scale and polish appointment will last around twenty minutes or if you prefer a clean without the 'scraping' Roy also offers the 'flash Pearl' service, click on the link under cosmetic dentistry.

To arrange an appointment with Roy without the need to see a dentist first please call the practice on 01642 553408, fill out the appoitment request form to the right or use our online booking system.


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