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Remove scaly deposits and stains from teeth,

A Scale and Polish is a quick and effective way to remove scale (tartar) deposits and stains from teeth.

At the Grange Dental Practice, we also value the preventative and maintenance aspect that can be derived from a scale and polish, it can help improve the appearance of those teeth without causing any damage.

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What is a scale and polish?

Scaling is the process of your dentist removing the excess plaque, tartar and other debris that has formed over a period of time from your teeth. This is done by scraping away the layers of plaque that have formed over time.

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The benefits of a scale and polish

A scale and polish is a great way to keep your teeth and gums healthy. It removes tartar and plaque build ups and leaves your teeth feeling fresh and clean. Also Bad breath can be eliminated or greatly reduced from receiving a scale and polish as it gets rid of the bacteria that is producing the smell in the first place.


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