Merger of our 2 Norton Practices



From 1st February 2024, ALL Dental Services will now be provided at our 386 Norton Road Practice. 

We aim to provide our patients with the highest standards of clinical care and customer service, in a comfortable environment. We purchased the 431 Norton Road Practice in 2021. We realised quickly that the site couldn’t meet our own high expectations for patient care. The structure of the building does not allow for major modifications. Wheelchair users and parents/ carers with prams can not easily access the building, and move freely within it.

Providing all Dental Services from our larger, more well equipped Practice at 386 Norton Road will result in a significant improvement in patient care for patients who have previously attended our 431 Norton Road Practice.

A proposal was submitted to local Council members, NHS teams and local Health Bodies in November. Broad support was given for this proposal. The key points detailed in the proposal are summarised below. If you would like more details please click here to read the full patient proposal summary


    • There will be NO CHANGE to our OVERALL NHS COMMITMENT. We remain committed to providing NHS Dental Services to our local community.

    • There will be NO CHANGE to our AMAZING TEAM. ALL of the team members from our 431 Norton Road site have moved to suitable positions at the 386 site. Our team have been consulted and are overwhelmingly positive about the proposal, and working together as ‘one big team.’

    • There will be NO CHANGE to surgery capacity for NHS provision. We have recently built an additional surgery in the space which was previously our dental laboratory. This will enable the 386 Norton Road site to easily accommodate all NHS patients currently registered at the 431 Norton Road site. 


    • PATIENTS REGISTERED TO 431 NORTON ROAD SITE. You will experience a significant improvement in your experience as a result of the move. The move will result in improved accessibility for wheelchair and pram/ buggy users. It will also result in a marked improvement in the standard of décor. There are more dentists at the 386 Norton Road site, with better cover for dentist holidays.

    • PATIENTS REGISTERED TO 386 NORTON ROAD SITE. We expect that you will not be affected significantly by this move. We have planned carefully to accommodate the small number of additional patients. We have allocated additional resources for reception, we have added an additional surgery and ensuring there is adequate space in our large waiting room.

    • NON REGISTERED PATIENTS. This proposal will have no impact on our overall level of NHS provision. We will continue to provide NHS services to our currently registered patients. We are not currently accepting new NHS patients but will do so in future where we have capacity to do so. If you are in need of help finding an NHS dentist do visit the NHS website’s find a dentist page for more details.


Thank you for your continued support of the Practice as we evolve our services to give you the very best possible level of care.

We believe that our proposal to relocate our NHS contract from 431 Norton Road to 386 Norton Road will result in a significant improvement in the standard of patient care for our patients.

If you have any questions at all about this proposal please do not hesitate to contact us

Many thanks, Ruth & Paul Woodhouse- Practice Owners

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