dr Woodhouse Appears On The One Show

Paul Woodhouse has recently been filmed by ‘the One Show’ to discuss the rise in Dental Tourism. 

As a Practice, we have already begun to see a number of patients with significant complications from receiving uninsured, unregulated treatments overseas. 

If you are considering dental treatment overseas please do discuss this with your regular dentist; we can often provide you with cost effective, minimally invasive treatments to help you achieve a beautiful smile.  

In the UK, dentistry is highly regulated. Minimally invasive treatments are used wherever possible Achieving your dream smile can often be achieved using the ABC formula which involves Alignment (to straighten teeth), Brightening (to remove stains and whiten teeth) & then Composite Bonding (to perfect the shape of your teeth). To book your free smile makeover consultation with our dedicated Treatment Co-ordinator click here

The show featuring Paul will air in September 2022. Watch this space for more details, and a link to the programme when it is aired.